Let it buffer.

by Kleenex Girl Wonder

Lintel Rktu 02:25
We got a little racket, But you know the competition is killing us. The steamrollers are talking; We're gettin' crushed. The stakeholders are walkin' And now all of the shareholders are balkin' We're giving up -- STOP IT! That's how the hustle is, There's an ebb and flow. Holding on is as strategic as letting go. It's an optical illusion like a tropical infusion brought to you by You Know Who who's sponsoring this episode... For just this one compelling reason You should think about the valley Oh... When we get into selling season It gets crazy out in Cali, bro, yeah, they called me Lit Rocket in my day drivin' CA-85 Still can't believe that Oracle paid for naming rights! In the East Bay where it's no better than a homemade sign Meanwhile they're turning the P.A.R.C. into a shrine For this and many other reasons You should get out of the valley. Yeah, we can't believe the mess you've made of your life I guess you wait for a sign One day, you wake up and die and all your friends say "She's fine! She's just a little bit fried. She acts like this all the time." She cries on cue 'cause she can't Keep her eyes off you But she tries. Oh she tries! Literal rocker, remember when the days used to fly by? Now we just groom our pudenda 'til the time is right. And we get high at night -- I won't lie, it just feels nice. Sometimes I wonder what it's like to live in real life... For this and every other reason I should stay out of the valley. Yeah, she can't compete With what I've got in my mind. But I'm sure she'll put up a fight. And I'll give in when the light goes out and I fall snow-blind into the mess of code lines and algorithms I write. But Lintel Rktu, I'm thinking maybe I could love you tonight.
NUBS 02:25
BFF 03:00
Exeunt 03:15


​KGW's 12th full-length album, packed with 13 songs, innumerable references and emotional breakthrough-provoking aphorisms, and brought to you by the marvelous This Will Be Our Summer. Records. ​

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released April 19, 2013

Graham Smith, Thayer McClanahan, Matt LeMay


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